Outreach Opportunities

As we do what we do and we be who we are, the natural result is the planting and growing of churches, remembering that the church is people, a gathering of believers, not necessarily a building. Where churches exist, Mercy supports the local church. Where churches do not exist, we plant churches, natived churches, Honduran churches led by Honduran pastors, native churches led by native pastors.

It is difficult in Honduras to find places where the church does not exist. But in the remote villages of the Opalalca Mountains there are villages with few, if any, believers, where there is no church. This need is what led Mercy International to the Lenca village of Yamaranguila and to focus its efforts in the remote regions of the Opalaca Mountains.

You are welcomed to join the work to make Christ known in these remote villages and to plant churches where none exist. The trek is difficult, and often the welcome is less than warm. But when strangers meet, and gifts are exchanged, and bread is broken, and food is shared, medicine is given, when soccer games are won and lost, and friendships formed, believers are born and churches are planted.

Church Planting