Outreach Opportunities

The average person has never been discipled and has never discipled anyone in their life. Mercy offers opportunities to learn how. Discipelship is a conversation, a sustained sharing of experiences, knowlege, and wisdom. Anyone can disciple, and we offer help in learning how to do it, and to do it cross-culturally.

Whether for a moment in a medical clinic, or a day at a construction site, an hour in a school, or an afternoon in town, discipleship begins with listening and responding. You look for opportunities. Make yourself available and the opportunities will come to you. Be available. Be intentional. Listen attentively.

The best way to give dignity to others is to listen to their story. Time is our most valuable asset, and when we offer our time to others, it says to them they are valuable, they are significant, and that they are loved, a feeling many people have never felt before.

Life-long friendships can develop only through time. Discipleship offers that time to cultivate those relationships. Mercy International offers that opportunity.