Outreach Opportunities

With 8 Billion people in the world it is easy to be overwhelmed by the numbers. But no matter how missions is done, either through mass crusades, relief projects, medical clinics, or local campaigns, evangelism eventually comes down to a face-to-face encounter between a believer and lost soul. This is the part of missions that frightens away many believers.

But it doesn't have to be that way. A one-on-one encounter should be natural and significant. A conversation begun, a common ground found, an engaged conversation, a probe into eternity. It can take an hour or five minutes. Everyone has a story. What is your story? Tell me about it. What brings you joy? What do you fear? Have you ever heard God's voice? Have you ever heard of Jesus Chirst? He claimed to be the Son of God. He died on the cross and yet rose to life again. He died on the cross for you. Did you know that? Would you like to know him better?

It is as natural and as easy as that. But evangelism must also be supernatural. The natural meeting the divine. The mortal meeting the eternal, the creature meeting the creator. The lost meeting the Savior. Mercy International is convinced that God has prepared divine appointments for us each and every day. As we prepare to go out, we pray that the Holy Spirit go before us, prepare the way, prepare the hearts, and guide us to those He is already seeking out and speaking to.

When evangelism is done this way, fear is replaced with expectation. And when the goal is relationship, rather than conversion, there is never failure or disappointment. We all become evangelists.