Outreach Opportunities

A gift opens the way to the king says the Word, but also into the heart of the lost I say. The free gift of medical care opens the heart of the lost to God. A consultation with a doctor is beyond the means of the poor. Medicine is more costly yet. Many people have lost their homes by borrowing money that they could not reply to cover healthcare costs.

A free medical clinics in neighboring villages offer a valuable gift of healing and of care. More than that, time given talking with patients passing through our clinics gives dignity to that person.

Moreover, nearly every child living in these villages are infested with lice. It is something they live with all their lives. Conditions make it impossible to control. Every child passing through our medical clinics is treated for lice. One person says that it is pointless to treat lice in such conditions. But consider this, if for just one month, if just for 30 days, a child could live without the discomfort of this parasite, would not that be valuable enough?

Consider the thirty minutes it takes to treat a head of lice. The tender loving care by a worker spending time with that child, washing, grooming, trimming, and putting bows in the hair of little girls, what an impact that can make on that child and the server as well. Cindy Lowman has likened the lice treatment ministry as modern-day footwashing.

In the end, evry person is given an opportunity to say thank you. Every person is offered an opportunity of prayer. Every person coming through our clinics is given an opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally, whole-heartedly, through a loving and patient counselor. Every person leaves knowing they were served, loved and cared for. You can be that servant.

Medical Clinics