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Kara Cornett, Fayetteville, AR, Age 24

I was 14 when I went to Honduras for the first time, and it changed the rest of my teenage years! My parents were with me the first year but every year after that they practically kicked me out the door to go by myself:) Summer after my senior year I spent 8 weeks there and I don't recall a single moment when my safety was ever even questioned. I pictured myself "roughing it" in Honduras but the Mercy International farm became a home away from home. I have never felt so close to God or had more time to work on my relationship with Him as when I was in Honduras. You will come back feeling refreshed, (detoxed off of cell phone usage;), and probably have a heart on fire for the Honduran people and what God is doing there. I would go back in a heart beat, but it definitely gets harder to leave every time! :)